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Matthew Johnson, Seattle Bankruptcy Attorney

DEBT? A Bankruptcy Attorney can help solve the problem

Bankruptcy can be FAST


and EASY with a bankruptcy attorney

Virtually Guaranteed To WORK!

Johnson Legal Group goes the extra mile to make sure you maximize every single right you have. Whether it’s making sure you discharge every single penny you have, minimizing your Chapter 13 payments to the lowest possible amount, or keeping you in a foreclosed home rent-free for up to a year (yes, it’s very possible), we make sure we take the extra steps other law firms don’t.

DON’T WAIT. A consultation costs nothing but your time, and when you leave you’ll be informed and confident that you have a solution available, and a law firm to help you when the time is right.


It can depend on your situation. For those with relatively small amounts of debt to credit card companies, credit consolidation is usually the easiest and least expensive way to go.

For those with a substantial amount of debt, bankruptcy is likely the best solution for you. It’s guaranteed to work, it’s less expensive than credit consolidation (at higher debt amounts), it’s fast, and it’s easy with an attorney. Just hand your paperwork to us and you’re DONE!

Unfortunately, credit consolidation comes with a few drawbacks. Negotiating or settling takes much longer, the final negotiated amount can’t be predicted, and you still might rack up interest if it turns out you can’t make the negotiated payments.

There are benefits. You get to save your bankruptcy for later if you need it. You’ll qualify for larger loans faster if you settle our debts and successfully pay the negotiated amount, and it’s less expensive than a bankruptcy IF you owe less than $10,000 in unsecured debt.

Yes, we do both! We match your situation to your solution. No lies, no hard sales tactics.


Bankruptcy does sound like bad word. Nobody likes to talk about debt, and the “B” word is nothing anybody ever wants to go through. The reality is quite different. People in every walk of life sometimes file bankruptcy, they just don’t talk about it. Chances are a few people you know have filed, but just haven’t told you because they are embarrassed.

We see clients from every demographic, from rich to poor. Those who have gone through bankruptcy before understand how safe, predictable, and beneficial a bankruptcy can be. Astute investors can use bankruptcy to get rid of unwanted real estate. Business owners can safely close down their business without personal liability, and in a pinch, bankruptcy completely robs horrible and aggressive creditors of ALL their power.

But debt is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone goes through hard times, and the government gives you a right to get yourself back on your feet.

Here is a list of a few of the biggest benefits of bankruptcy:

Creditors must stop contacting you after you file.

Your debts are handled by law – and creditors must play by the rules.

You can, in almost all cases, keep all of your property.

You can rebuild your credit faster.

Fast and very inexpensive compared to the alternatives.

If you’re in debt, the problem won’t get better with age. Act fast to get the problem behind you and move on with your life. The stress you’re feeling will evaporate once you leave your consultation with me.

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